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Неновски, Н, Чобанов, П.,  Д. Чобанов. За проблемите на Европа, май 2010, Орлеан, София

За новата парична организация на Европа, 1 March, 2010


Debates over Crisis (with special focus on Bulgaria). The Macedonian Foreign Policy Journal (CROSSROADS The Macedonian Foreign Policy Journal), issue: No 1, pp. 139-143, 2009

Extract from the speech delivered at the“Crises in historical perspective” forum, organized by Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, 20 May 2009

The present crisis and the economic theory, (Reflections), University of Kyushu, Fukuoka – seminar  presentation, March 2009

Transformation in Eastern Europe: Challenges for Monetary Theory and Central Bank Practice, presentation at European Association for Comparative Economic Studies and Institute of Economic Research Asian Workshop: “Sustainability and future perspectives of emerging markets”, University of Kyoto, 26-27, February, 2009.


Публична лекция. Настоящата криза и икономическата теория, Нов Български Университет, 4 Декември

Интервю за икономиката на Русия, за в. Банкерь, бр. 44 (803), (несъкратен варирант, с графики) 10/2008

Интервю, за агенция Фокус (пълен текст), 13/10/2008

Why Russia will follow America? (Austrian analysis), Instituto Bruno Leoni, Mises Seminar, 3- 5/10/2008

Бележки за кризата 25/09/2008  

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